In a short phrase what I do is work with you to create a great website at an affordable price and make sure that people see your business or creation in the best possible light.  I’m qualified as well (MSc Mobile Comp, BSe Soft Dev (Hons)) so the university thinks i’m quite good too.

a picture of Chas Shaw with a really rare parrot

a picture of Chas Shaw with a really rare parrot

The websites we create together can be either a content management system (CMS) which I prefer or a static HTML site (a lot of people call these Dreamweaver sites).

Which to choose will depend on how often you will be adding new content to your website.  If its a one shot prestige website for a short film or an online business card where the content is unlikely to change then lets go for a static website.

If you will be adding more content in the future, then a content managed website where you can log in and update the content yourself (i’m happy to teach you how to use it) or if you prefer can be regularly updated by myself would be the best solution.  I work with both WordPress and Joomla CMS systems as I like to do code to fully customise them to what we want to achieve.  If you have never seen the benefits of using a CMS then i’m more than happy to help you get started.  Most people start off with a small idea for a website and then realise how much they can get out of promoting themselves properly on the internet for little or no cost.  Why keep paying Yellow Pages when no-one uses it anymore?

Social Networking

Okay, now we have your website up and running, how are going to help people find it?  It can be the most amazing website in the world but if the right people aren’t seeing it then whats the point of it?

We need to drive people to your new website.

Google Ranking

People will search for your product, service or creation on the net, if the text on the website is wrong it will appear for the wrong seach terms or not at all.  We cover this in full on the SEO page.  Another factor search engines will take into account is … How many people are using this site?  ‘If lots of people are hitting it then it must be more valuable than a website that no one is looking at’, thinks google, ‘perhaps I had better rank it higher’.

How do we get lots of people to see your website?  Social Networking is the quickest answer.  I can set up your social networking in the same brand as the website, get it off and running for you or manage it on an ongoing basis.

The benefit in all this? Well i’m sure as you all know that the more people who see what you do, in the best possible light means you get more holidays abroad every year, meet the people you want to meet and have the life your looking to achieve … bargain!! 🙂