Cardiff Web Design and Pandas

Cardiff Web Design and Pandas

Hey, it’s me chas.  It’s been a while since I updated this site and there is a good reason for it.

Chas Shaw is all good but it’s not just about me, you can only work alone for so long.  You realise there is just no point trying to be good at everything.  What you can do though is find like minded people who have complementary talents and package them together to form a collective that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

This is the idea behind Cardiff Web Design. Why not work with the people you know are good and focus on the things you are really good at in yourself.  For the client it’s a winner, they get a pool of talented people.  For us, it’s also good, we get to learn from each other.

I find this a much better idea than competing with each other.  At the moment we have myself on web design and programming,

Ed and Kath, who also trade as Darkened Wealth Media (an anagram of Kath and Eddie, I believe) who run a series of successful affilliate websites and write content with SEO in mind, social network, web design, and lots more.

Chromatic Productions comprises Richard, PNut and Rhi, who are film makers, photographers and animators.

We are looking for more individuals to join the team but want to do this slowly to make sure we are all happy working together.

It’s very hard to find prices for web design on the internet and the reason for it is, no two jobs are ever the same.

It’s a bit like saying, ‘how much for a house’ or ‘how much for a car’, when people ask for prices on websites.  It’s something that is built around what you need, for it to be any good.  Very often when people start their website, they have no idea how much work is involved, they think it’s some kind of magic trick, where we push a button and it appears.

Once we start working together on their web site, the job soon expands into Google services, email, social networking, YouTube videos, and whatever else we find that is needed.

The other consideration is the client.  Are they indecisive with the design? Sometimes, understandably, people keep changing their mind, how many times you can do this is down to the designer.  Feature creep often comes into play, as you get excited about new things to add to the site, when do we say,  no more changes.  Often the more you pay for a site, the more time can be invested into it, its common sense.  Buy a cheap website and the people making it have no time to think about what is really important for you, never mind have time to do a good job on it.

Over the next week or so I’m going to attempt to list the different components of a web project on the Cardiff Web Design site and give prices for each element.  Items such as logo, photographs, graphic design, content writing, installation of software, promotional video, will all be costed and you will be able to choose what is important to you and therefore get a guide price, before you buy.

So that’s one of the projects I’ve been investing my time in.  The websites I’ve worked on in 2013 are on the new site.  From around September 2012, some went on Cardiff Web Design, some went on here and this may continue for some clients such as musicians, ‘chas’ may be more appropriate but for the business and e-commerce sites, they will be on the new collective site.

In addition to this there is Educational Web Design Wales, will talk about this on a later post.  Plus more in 2013 planned.

Two weeks and it should be all listed, depending on how much time I have, but in the meantime why not have a look at the site for Cardiff Web Design? or check out the Facebook Page …  after all we spend a lot of time there as well.