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Banned Girls – The Movie

Banned Girls – my second website for Rachel Dax.  The movie is a website built in order to raise awareness and help raise funds to make this film.  The movie has a script written a cast and production team ready to go but is still in need of additional funding.   Due to the support of […]

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Slamfish was one of the first websites I made.  The bulk of it was put up while he was in America, but luckily he’d left me a load of content to be getting on with.  Dave ‘Sawtooth’ was also a big contributer to the site.  It’s a Joomla CMS which desperately needs a make over.  […]

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Rachel Dax

Rachel Dax is a many and very talented woman.  Actor, Writer, Director and Producer. We met at a business start up meeting, and we hit it off and she agreed to let me set up a site for her.  Without Rachel I wouldn’t have met the many film people that use me for work and […]

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North Ely Youth Centre

North Ely Youth Centre is a website initially set up by myself, and then updated by the members of the North Ely Youth Committee.  The site is a Joomla CMS system, which a lot of people find hard to update themselves.  Not so for the youth commitee members, after a couple of sessions with the […]

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Artista Eli

Artista Eli is a talented painter, artist, writer and blogger based in Southern Spain and she is the founder of the Malaga Stuckist art movement. I haven’t done a lot with the site and to Eli’s credit I haven’t had to, as she was off like a rocket, documenting her work and posting the most […]

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Sound Progression

The Sound Progression project was funded by The Arts Council and the South Wales Police amongst others and it gave people initially in the age range of 17 -23 , which widened later, the opportunity to write, produce and record music and promote themselves online and in live performances. My work with the project was […]

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