chas-and-morphI’m sorry to announce this but from today on, unless you are covered by a maintenance agreement or a prior arrangement then what ever you need doing will be charged at £30 per hour.

This rate is for time actually working.  Phone calls and meetings are free to discuss work or maintenance as always.

So for instance if you want a new banner for your website, this will take me about 20 minutes and would cost you £10. Once I know what you need, will advise you of cost upfront before I start work for you.

I hate to do this as I like to help people but recently the phone has been ringing from early morning to late at night and the only fair way to prioritise work, is to charge for it.

The reason I was attracted to this business was to get away from working in a call centre and unfortunately now so much of my day is taken up by enquiries and favours that I can’t fully concentrate on the paid work.

I do love talking about new projects and new ideas but most of the calls are routine maintenance.  I’m never going to charge for time on the phone but sometimes people will ask me to do things that they are capable of, but can’t be bothered to do themselves.

I’m sure there are a lot of clients that don’t like to ask me to do things for free as favours, so they are silently giving the work to someone else who will charge them for it.  I need a way to allow those people the chance to get work done quickly and efficiently without going elsewhere.

What I can offer, for a limited period, thinking ahead if you agree to set up a standing order for £30 a month,  you can get 2 hours of my, or my team’s time for just about anything, be it copy writing, image preparation, business cards, flyers, website updates, product listing, admin.  If in doubt, contact me to discuss first what you need.

For E-commerce – will be publishing details of packages and maintenance contracts very soon – head over to Cardiff Web Design Shop for a new range of E-commerce packages and support for October.

I’ve a few projects I want to work on and I’m hoping you will understand that I need to this time to do something new and fresh.

Thank you for your support as always. Speak soon.