This is a page about Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff.  Why have i gone and added Cardiff at the end of that statement about Search Engine Optimization when it seems unrelated you wonder?  Well the secret of optimisation  (look i said the word again) or if your American, optimization,  is keyword density.

Website SEO specialists Cardiff

Google and other search engines will try and match the terms you search to the content displayed on a properly optimised (there I go again) website or web page. So the webdesigner has to think what terms people will search when trying to locate a product or service. So if you were looking to improve your search engine ranking thereby you would load your web page with terms like ‘search engine optimisation cardiff’ or ‘cardiff search engine optimisation’ and maybe include a few surrounding areas dependant on your target market such as caerphilly, penarth, south wales.  It doesn’t matter about capitalisation as the search engine’s ignore this.

Search engine optimization – South Wales

What does matter is the order of headings on the page and where the text is.  Google will optimise and index your website or online shop based on several factors.  It will look in the header (the bit at the top of the page where people stick a banner or picture with a helpful title such as ‘logo1’), for the first clue as to what the site is about.  So if you want to increase your chance of appearing on the front page of Google, you should think about making this area text in perhaps heading 1.  Another factor is use of headings, HTML comes with the ability to create headings – usually <h1> is the biggest and considered the top level so if we can say what the website is about in the biggest area at the top in a h1 heading – google will see this and think oh, it say’s …

Search Engine Optimisation Secrets Revealed Cardiff

Search Engine Optimisation Secrets Revealed Cardiff

Webdesign Cardiff

… in the header area, maybe I should index this website to appear when people search webdesign cardiff?  Of course you may break these rules as I have by calling the website Chas Shaw dot com as i have.  The reason i’ve broke this rule is that ‘Webdesign Cardiff’ has a lot of competition already so i’ve hedged my bets and gone for my own name.  Plus webdesign Cardiff or websites Cardiff is pretty boring, lets face it.  So there is a trade off between writing the website content for Google and making it readable for human beings.  Although most people will not be reading your content anyway, they will be looking at the pictures (which also should be suitable titled) and frantically looking for buttons to click to get them to the part of your website they want to find.  And remember if they can’t find what they want quickly when they get here, they will move onto the next site.

Once people find your site and find what they want, they will never return to your website again unless they know that there will new content appearing in the future that they are interested in.  I will be adding more articles in the future on search engine optimisation, webdesign, football, rugby, politics, shopping, finding the ideal partner and events in Cardiff allegedly.  Here’s a picture of some cats.