Web Design Tutorials

Web Design Tutorials

Web Design Tutorials

Why a web design tutorial section you may wonder (or not)?

It’s to do with the fact that I spend so much time indoors looking at the screen that when I occasionally go outside to clubs or events I find myself talking about web design to anyone within earshot.  Most people seem to tolerate this but if i’m really unlucky I sometimes bump into someone who is also a web designer and its horrible …. so boring.

So here I get to vent myself of all things web design wise and hopefully give something back to the community.  Chas (me) is a big fan of WordPress and Joomla CMS systems and I love it when people take ownership of their sites themselves and start to produce their own content.  A lot of people ask similiar questions so why not publish the answers on here?

Thats the plan anyway, this will be updated as and when, dependant on how much work I have on, what’s on the telly and if the sun is shining.

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